water quality testingNearly 15 years ago, RLHT and the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) started a water quality monitoring program on several of the region’s largest lakes. The volunteer monitors were trained to use Secchi disks to measure water transparency, one of the best indicators of lake health. Currently, more than a dozen volunteers are trained to use these simple but effective instruments.

In 2002, RLHT partnered with the Town, the Plantations, lake associations, VLMP and and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to expand the types of data the monitors collected. About half of our volunteers have received advanced training and use highly sensitive digital equipment to measure dissolved oxygen, phosphorus and temperature.

VLMP and Maine DEP support this effort by providing the advanced training and data analysis. RLHT recruits the volunteers and provides continuing training and technical support.

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CURRENTLY, RLHT is in need of water quality monitors for Dodge Pond, Round Pond, Aziscohos Lake, and Parmachenee Lake. If you are interested in volunteering to monitor water quality, Amanda Laliberte at 864-7311 or email at alaliberte@rlht.org.