Rangeley’s lakes, ponds, and rivers are among its most valuable and treasured assets…they form the foundation of the Region’s rich heritage while providing unparalleled recreational, scenic, and economic opportunities for local residents and visitors from around the world. Protecting them from non-source pollution, algae blooms and invasive aquatic plants is critical to their welfare AND the local economy.

Since 1998, the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust has been coordinating the HEADWATERS LAKE PROTECTION PROGRAM. The program recognizes the connection between all the water bodies in the Region as well as the land-water interface. It applies a variety of strategies that reach across town/plantation lines and encourages all members of the community to participate.

Fortunately, due to the success of the Headwaters Lake Protection Program and its extraordinary volunteers and staff, the Rangeley Region is ahead of the game. The Region has some of the healthiest water bodies in the State and is most likely free of aquatic invasive plants.

The HEADWATERS program has three parts:     

  1. Boat Inspection Education program that prevents the introduction of invasive plants by teaching the public to self-inspect their boat and trailers every time they enter or leave a lake. 
  2. Shoreline Patrol program that inventories the plants in our lakes and ponds with the goal of identifying invaders before they spread out of control.
  3. Water Quality Monitoring program that collects data that is used to evaluate the health of our waters.

RLHT’s award-winning lake protection team has several part-time employees and more than 100 volunteers. We always need more help so if you are interested in joining our team please contact Amanda Laliberte at 864-7311 or alaliberte@rlht.org.