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We conserve and steward the natural and historical resources of the Rangeley Lakes Region for the benefit of the community and future generations. 



Ways to Give

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust conserves and stewards the natural and historical resources of the Rangeley Lakes Region for the benefit of the community and future generations. Since 1991, we have worked to conserve land that is critical to the protection of our waters, which provide recreational opportunities, and conserves our outdoor heritage.

A planned gift is one of the most impactful contributions you can make to RLHT. Choosing to support RLHT by becoming a member of the Planned Giving Group will ensure that conservation in the Rangeley Lakes Region continues for future generations.

RLHT aspires to be your partner to determine how best to align your philanthropic goals and objectives with the Trust’s mission and strategic initiatives. 

Our experienced staff can help you assess what types of assets you might give to RLHT and how you might go about planning for a legacy gift that best reflects your desires and interests.

Please call (207) 864-7311 or email us for a confidential conversation. As with all planning, please consult with your advisors to determine what approach is best for you and your family.


  David Miller, Executive Director



An outright gift of cash to RLHT is the most common method of giving and provides immediate funds for conservation initiatives. Please consult with your tax planner to ensure that donating cash is the most tax-wise way for you to support RLHT.

Are you 70 ½ years or older with an IRA?
Individuals 70 ½ and older may qualify to make gifts directly from an IRA to RLHT (up to $100,000 per year) tax free, known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution. Contact your IRA provider to make a gift today. While gifts from your IRA do not qualify for a charitable deduction, they may count towards your Required Minimum Distribution and are not subject to personal income taxation.


With stock markets at record highs, donating appreciated stock and mutual funds continues to be a common way to support RLHT throughout the year. Gifts of appreciated stock may allow you to make a larger donation than with cash to fund your commitment to RLHT. While gifts of publicly traded stock are the most common, you can also give restricted or closely held stock, under the right circumstances.


In-will bequest commitments are the most frequent type of planned gift received by RLHT. Bequests can be undesignated or designated, specific, conditional, or residual. If you already have established a will, a codicil can be established to make amendments to include RLHT as a beneficiary.

Sample bequest language:
“I hereby bequeath (specify a percentage of your residuary, amount, or specific property) to Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust, Inc, a nonprofit corporation operating in Rangeley, Maine, (Federal Tax ID #01-0472641), for its general use and purpose. If circumstances make the specified use of this bequest no longer practical or desirable, the RLHT Board of Directors is hereby authorized to make changes in its use while keeping as close as possible to the spirit and general intent of the bequest.”

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is another simple way to designate RLHT as a primary or contingent beneficiary. You may also donate a policy that is paid in full, or one with ongoing premium payments. If you continue to make premium payments on a policy after RLHT owns it, those payments may be tax-deductible.

Retirement Plan Assets

One of the simplest and most tax-wise ways to include RLHT in your estate planning is through your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan. Using retirement assets to make a gift while leaving other assets to your heirs results in a reduced tax burden to your estate or heirs. Completing a beneficiary designation form requires minimal paperwork and often can be accomplished directly on the retirement plan provider’s website.

Trusts and annuities

Planned gifts that provide you income allows you to make a legacy gift to RLHT while providing you or another beneficiary with an income stream for life. A charitable gift annuity provides a secure income stream of payments for an individual during their lifetime with the remainder value of the annuity available to support RLHT. A charitable remainder trust provides a fixed or variable income for one or more lifetimes or a term of years. If you have already established a charitable trust, please consider adding RLHT as a beneficiary.

Giving Real Estate

Under the right circumstances, you can deed your home, vacation property, or other property to RLHT while retaining the right to use it for the lives of any life tenant named in the deed. You keep the use and control of your property during your lifetime(s), and when all life tenants have passed away, your property will belong to RLHT.

Giving Personal Property

Your art collection, valuables, and other cherished personal possessions may also make a valuable gift to RLHT. Please get in touch with RLHT staff at for more information and to ensure that a gift of personal property may be able to be accepted.

Donor Advised Funds & designated Funds

Making a recommendation to allocate a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) gift to RLHT is simple. Please contact your DAF provider to initiate a gift to RLHT. You may also name RLHT as a remainder beneficiary of your DAF.

“I support the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust because the work it does, and the work I expect it to do in the future, offers the best chance of preserving what is so very special about this place. So, I have included the Trust in my estate plan, and I encourage my fellow Trust members to consider doing the same thing.” -Ben Bowditch
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Naming RLHT in your gift

Legal name: Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust, Inc.
Address: 2424 Main St., Rangeley, ME 04970
Federal tax ID#: 01-0472641

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Notifying RLHT of your gift

We hope you’ll let us know when you have named RLHT in your will or trust so that we can thank you. Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, we’ll gladly honor your request.

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Important notice

The above contents are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional legal or estate-planning advice. Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust encourages you to consult with an attorney or financial adviser when considering any of these planned gift options.

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