Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is excited to announce a recent gift of land on Rangeley Lake from the Keevin Geller family!

This 15-acre, undeveloped parcel rests on 955’ of shoreline along Rangeley Lake’s Greenvale Cove and continues into 778’ of Long Pond Stream.  The property features a unique blend of wetlands, forested wetlands and upland habitat that provide habitat for a variety of nesting birds and ducks, native brook trout and rainbow smelt populations.

Once its own Plantation, Greenvale Cove is attributed to a host of regional icons such as Luthur Hoar, Harry Dill, Squire Rangeley and Charles Farrar.  Its rich history of trains/steamboat interchanges, camps, fishing and hunting pays tribute to the naming of this parcel “Greenvale”.

The Geller’s intent to conserve this parcel, effectively ensures the land will remain undeveloped, retaining its attributes to historically and functionally provide habitat for wildlife species, support education and to afford public access in a growing community.

The enthusiasm of the RLHT Board and Staff eagerly await the spring thaw so they can further explore the potential this gift serves RLHT’s mission to conserve the natural and historical resources of the Rangeley Lakes Region for the benefit of the community.

The Geller’s gift communally totals an approximate 3.5 miles of conserved shoreline on Rangeley Lake and a total of 13,589 acres of land conserved by Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust throughout the Upper Androscoggin Watershed.