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Rangeley Lakes Invasive Plant Patrol Season Closes with 90 Miles Surveyed

RANGELEY – Volunteers for RLHT patrolled over 90 miles of shoreline in the Rangeley Lakes Region looking for invasive plants. Not one has been found.  

Taking to their kayaks or canoes, teams of patrollers paddled along the shoreline mapping plants or the lack of throughout the months of August and September, when the plants are at their peak. The shorelines of Cupsuptic, Mooselookmeguntic, Rangeley, Kennebago and Little Kennebago Lakes, along with Beaver Mountain, Saddleback, Loon, Gull, Haley, Dodge and Quimby Pond were surveyed. Read More

Boat Inspection Season Wraps up in the Rangeley Region 

RLHT wrapped up the Courtesy Boat Inspection program with the close of fishing season in the Rangeley Lakes Region.  This year was highly successful, with nearly 1700 boaters participating in the program, a few boats more than the previous year.    

Since 2002, RLHT has diligently checked boats over 25 thousand boats for aquatic hitchhikers, like milfoil.  Paid and volunteer inspectors focusing their efforts in high traffic public boat launches, like... Read More

RLHT Announces 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Rangeley, ME -  Rangeley to Jilly Kelly of Oquossoc in grateful recognition of her valuable contribution to RLHT and our community.

Kelly has manned the RLHT downtown “pop-up” office throughout the summer months of July and August. During that time, her long hours and dedication have made all the difference in connecting with the community with RLHT. Read More


RLHT’s Greenvale Cove Site of MCC Service & Volunteer Day

Rangeley, ME – The Maine Conservation Corps dedicated a day of service to Rangeley Lake Heritage Trust’s Greenvale Parcel. The RLHT staff and MCC members were joined by volunteers on June 6thto establish public water access trails and picnicking sites.  

The sandy bottom in Rangeley’s Greenvale Cove is well-known locally. Each summer boaters anchor and raft up for an idyllic Maine afternoon. The shallow cove is the pristine place to let kids be kids and for adults to relax. Read More

RLHT Continues Invasive Crayfish Investigations

Rangeley, ME – Over the course of the last two seasons RLHT has assisted Dr. Karen Wilson of the University of Southern Maine with mapping the spread of the rusty crayfish (Ornectes rusticus) in the Rangeley Lakes Region. This project is part of an ongoing effort to gain a clear picture of crayfish populations across our state and to determine how far the invasive rusty crayfish has spread in Maine.

“The first season the waters were tested, so to speak,” said Amanda Laliberte, Headwaters Lake Protection Program Manager for RLHT. “Staff and volunteers collected crayfish in every body of water in our region to see if rusty crayfish were present. The results were varied and very little was definitive.” Read More

RLHT Conducts Courtesy Boat Inspections for 16thSeason in Region

Rangeley, ME – For the 16thyear RLHT will be conducting courtesy boat inspections at public boat launches in the Rangeley Lakes region. The inspections are the main part of an educational program that engages the public by teaching them to inspect their boat and trailers to prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals. Each year the courtesy boat inspections are funded through voters in local municipalities, grants, and donations.  

Inspectors cover launches on the larger bodies of water: Cupsuptic, Mooselookmeguntic, and Rangeley Lakes. “We’ve talked to over 20,000 boaters and visitors over the last 16 summers. Our inspectors are often the first people our visitors interact within the region. We arm them to be ambassadors and knowledgeable about the community. They are also the ‘front-line of defense’ for invasive plants. Read More


RLHT Invites You to Walk the Woods Each Week

Do you want to learn more about the trails in your community? Are you curious about the natural world that surrounds our town? Do you just want to get out and take a walk in the woods? Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust invites you to join in their new weekly “Walk the Woods” series on every Tuesday evening throughout the summer.  Beginning May 29th RLHT will lead an hour and a half walks on their conservation lands around Rangeley Lake.  The walks will be open and free to the community, meeting at the Trailhead at 5:30 each week.  More information is available at www.rlht.org/calendar, or on the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust Facebook page. Read More


Dear Anglers, Hunters, Paddlers, and Landowners,

Back in 1970, when the singer, Joni Mitchell, phrased “You Don’t Know What You Got Until Its Gone”, she likely never thought those words would be the tagline for un-wanted change in western Maine.  Nearly fifty years later, those words characterize the impact some changes can make on the environmental, social, financial and historical aspects of a community and its jewel landmarks. Read More

John J. McDevitt Woods

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is proud to name the recently acquired property on the Magalloway River, the “John J. McDevitt Woods”, after a very special person.

Far off in the western corner of Maine, speckled by Aziscohos and Parmacheene Lakes and defined by the Magalloway River, Aziscohos Mountain and the Diamond Peaks, lies the tiny Village of Wilsons Mills. Read More

RLHT Acquires 230 acres on the Magalloway River

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is excited to announce the acquisition of 230 acres on the Magalloway River in Lincoln Plantation, Maine.

Nestled in the hills between Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the Dartmouth Second College Grant, the parcel contributes to over 28,000 acres of functionally contiguous land that dominate the headwaters and shore-lands of the Magalloway, Dead Diamond, and Swift Diamond Rivers. Read More

RLHT Announces Volunteers of the Year

Rangeley, ME -  Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is pleased to announce Volunteer of the Year award has been awarded jointly to Scott Ash and Andrew Ash of AJs Cycles, for their amazing contribution to our work throughout the year.

With their noted multiple talents and expertise, the Ashes have assisted RLHT in a variety of ways, including connecting our community to our mission.Miles of our trails are now open to mountain biking and are hosting more visitors than ever.  Read More


Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust Announces David Miller as Executive Director

Rangeley, ME - Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is pleased to announce David Miller of Portlandas new Executive Director. He has served in the public and private sectors at various program, fundraising and leadership levels and brings a wealth of experience and perspective to our organization.  David will be filling the open position left after previous Executive Director Chris Devine retired. The Trust would like to thank Chris for five years of passion and dedication to our mission. Read More


RLHT focuses Giving Tuesday on youth

Rangeley, ME - The holiday season has arrived and non-profits like Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust are asking you to think and act locally. On Tuesday, Nov. 28 the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have given way to Giving Tuesday, a day of donating, raising funds, or volunteering for causes you care about.

Since 1991 RLHT has focused on conservation and community and maintains traditional public access and uses of its land for recreation, education, and scientific study. Read More 



Rangeley Lakes Region Still Milfoil Free 

RANGELEY – The 15th season of Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust (RLHT) Courtesy Boat Inspection program was highly successful with nearly 1700 boaters participating in the program.  Since 2002, RLHT has diligently checked boats over 20 thousand boats for aquatic hitchhikers, like milfoil and zebra mussels.  Boat inspectors man public boat launches in the region, focusing efforts in high traffic public boat launches, like the Town Park public boat launch (PBL) on Rangeley Lake and Mill Brook PBL on Richardson Lake from ice-out in May to the end of September. Read More



A Little Preparation Goes A Long Way 

The ability to easily access the outdoors is one benefit of living in Maine that can be taken for granted. In the Rangeley region the fact that there are miles and miles of trails that can be reached within a short drive gives this region an appeal that brings people from all over. With that said, easy access can bring spur of the moment ideas that often sound great, but still take planning to pull off well. No matter what kind of outdoor experience you may be looking for, it takes being prepared to have a successful adventure. Read More


Devine Announces Retirement from RLHT

After five very successful years as the Executive Director of the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust (RLHT), Chris Devine has decided it is time for him to move on and try something new. Chris has been in the conservation non-profit world for 18 years and has served as an Executive Director, Board and Committee member at several organizations. Read More



RLHT Takes on Three Invasive and Nuisance Species
Rangeley, ME - In line with our mission to maintain the integrity of our natural resources, the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is focusing its efforts this summer on halting the spread of two invasive and one nuisance species: wall lettuce (Mycelis muralis), the rusty crayfish (Ornectes rusticus), and the spruce budworm moth (Choristoneura). Read More


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