It's time to move at your own pace. A few ideas from us: 

We’ve conserved 14,000 acres with 35 miles of recreational trails for you to explore. Open from dawn to dusk, our conservation areas are free for exploration, hiking, photography, birding, family outings, inspiration, and adventure! 

Explore our trails on Maine Trail Finder. 

We have partnered with Rangeley Friends of the Arts to create a heritage trail; The Artist Trail for Plein air artists and photographers. 

Birders should explore The Rangeley Lakes Birding Trail; a blitz of habitats that are established birding sites. This trail is suited for all ages and all skills!

Our office is open by appointment only until further notice. 

David Miller, Executive Director | (207) 321-9168 

Tracie Clinch, Office Manager | (207) 409-2123 

Charles Gauvin, Philanthropy Adviser | (207) 838-0238

Nancy Perlson, Development | (207) 864-7311

Shelby Rousseau, Deputy Director | (207) 446-4638 

Amanda Laliberte, Program Director | (207) 265-6138 

Alyssa Andrews, Natural Resource Steward | (207) 595-3314

Heather & Randy Targett, Campground | (207) 864-5249