Join Northeast Whitewater in RLHT's backyard for a two-day Swiftwater Rescue Training. Can you help a paddler in distress? In this swiftwater rescue training, you will learn techniques for helping people in distress, learn to recognize and avoid common river hazards along with self-rescue techniques through land and water scenarios. 

Course Objectives (from the Course Overview):

  • Promote proactive prevention of river accidents and injuries.

  • Develop and practice key self-rescue skills.

  • Identify and avoid river hazards by understanding hydrology, hazards, and river features.

  • Focus on fast, low-risk strategies for early management of river accidents

  • Develop and practice methods for recovering swimmers, and loose boats and equipment

  • Develop and practice more advanced rope-based and in-water skills

  • Gain experience using the rescue PFD, and understand it’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Utilize rescue scene management principles needed within a paddling group

For details on course expectations visit Course Overview.

Is there a gear list? Yes. Read through the FAQs for a gear list and what to expect. Northeast Whitewater uses kayaks, rafts, inflatable kayaks, and canoes for these trainings and this equipment is provided. 

Cost: $249

Dates: May 11-12, 2019

Time: 9 AM – 5 PM

Registration is required. Register here

Questions? Give us a call at (207) 864-7311 or email