We are currently engaged in an effort to provide long-term financial stability for our Camp EcoVenture Summer Youth Program. Please consider a donation to the Ed and Patti Kfoury EcoVenture Scholarship Fund. Please click on the link below to help support this wonderful program, forever!

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The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is a membership organization and we rely on the annual support of our members. Each year we have two solicitations from our membership: dues renewal and year end appeal. In addition use this link to provide support to a particular area of interest.

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Give the Gift of Membership

A gift of membership to support the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is a rewarding way of recognizing your family, friends or special occasion. If you would like to give a gift on behalf of someone, please print and fill out the attached form and either email, mail or fax it to our offices.

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Planned Giving

Planned giving allows a donor the opportunity to support a non-profit while lowering their income, gift or estate taxes. The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust can accept planned gifts as a qualified non-profit organization with 501 c 3 status as determined by the US Dept of Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

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Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a type of giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support your favorite charities. An increasingly popular charitable vehicle, DAFs are an excellent way to both simplify your charitable giving and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals. For more information, please call (207) 864-7311.

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Bargain Sales

Under either a fee or conservation easement purchase a portion of the value can be provided to the landowner in cash and a portion of the value can be considered as a donation by the landowner to the qualified charitable organization. This donated portion can have tax benefits to the donor. For more information, please call (207) 864-7311.

Gifts of Land

We are an organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of land and we will consider a gift of land in fee subject to an evaluation in comparison to our land selection criteria. Gifts of land can be considered as a charitable contribution to a qualified organization which can have tax benefits. For more information, please call (207) 864-7311.