Rangeley River*

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Oquossoc Village


Access by Hatchery Road, located behind Oquossoc Grocery. 


Popular access for anglers, biking, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

There are two stream-side picnic tables.


RLHT purchased this 150-acre property from Union Water Power Company in 1995. Prior to this, the Union Water Power owned the property for more than a century after buying it in 1878 from Squire Rangeley, the Town’s namesake. Squire Rangeley built the dam in 1836 to power his gristmill. Situated within the Upper Androscoggin River Watershed, the Rangeley Dam is still used today to control the water level in Rangeley Lake. 

The old rail bed that runs through the property was part of the Rangeley Lakes and Sandy River Railroad, which crossed the dam in Oquossoc and went up to Kennebago Lake. 

The property has a long history of recreational use, including fishing, hunting, and biking. The popular ITS 84 snowmobile trail runs through this property and connects riders to the Village of Oquossoc.  

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