Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust conserves and stewards land and water in the Rangeley Region, for the benefit of the community and future generations. 

In shorter terms, we conserve land, build trails, and offer programs that connect our community to make it happier and healthier. 

At the end of the day, we know that when we work together, we thrive. When we thrive, our community thrives. It starts with us. 

Since 1991, we have worked to conserve land that is critical to the protection of our waters, which provides recreational opportunities year-round and conserves our cultural heritage. We work within the Rangeley Lakes Region and are proud to partner with local municipalities, state governments, non-profit organizations, landowners and groups within our community to protect our environment and to increase recreational opportunities. 

Want to learn more? Read about our latest happenings and current fundraiser, Greenvale

Interested in conserving your land? Contact Shelby Rousseau to begin a conversation. 

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You are a part of our story.

As a volunteer, a trail user, program participant, or a member... you are helping us to realize our mission for our community and future generations. 

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