Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust

Protecting priceless natural assets that support the entire community.

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving natural areas, scenic beauty, critical wildlife habitat and the cultural heritage that makes this place so special. The Heritage Trust has forged precedent setting partnerships with state and federal government, conservation organizations, corporations and individuals to permanently protect the unique character of this region.
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Since the Heritage Trust’s founding in 1991, over 12,800 acres of land have been conserved, including 45 miles of lake and river frontage, 15 islands and the majestic 2,443-foot Bald Mountain. We are currently engaged in an effort to fund our conservation of the scenic overlook known as “Height of Land” on Rt. 17 (views from Height of Land pictured above) and a 175-acre gem known as Hunter Cove Uplands on Rangeley Lake. Please click on the link below to help conserve these natural jewels of the Rangeley Lakes Region, forever!


The Heritage Trust

The Heritage Trust works with willing parties to find ways to forever conserve and provide stewardship for the scenic, natural, and historic resources of the region. The Trust can acquire land, conservation easements, and fee ownership through donations or by purchase. Conservation easements are a legal land use agreements that permanently protect special features such as scenic areas, wildlife habitat, undeveloped shore frontage and productive forest lands.

Traditional Public Access

The Trust maintains traditional public access and uses of the land for recreation, education, and scientific study. We offer free public access to 35 miles of recreational trails, superb recreational fishing, hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling, as well as multiple picnic & landing sites on our 26 separate parcels. Our lands are FSC-certified and support the protection and enhancement of the greater watershed's fisheries and the region's diverse wildlife habitat. We also offer remote and traditional camping through our social enterprise, Cupsuptic Lake Park & Campground.

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